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Financial Arrangements and Insurance Information

As a patient in our practice, we will do our best to offer the payment option that works best for you and your family, whether you are covered by dental insurance or not. The following outlines our Financial Arrangement Options. You may find it useful to read prior to your appointment with us.

Click here to read more about our Financial Arrangement Options

General Insurance Questions

If you have general questions about what your dental insurance might and might not cover, we have provided a list of some frequently asked questions below. You will receive a copy of "My Insurance Covers This... Right?", which provides a more comprehensive explanation of insurance benefits, during your first visit to our office. 

A Few Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Insurance and Dental Benefits

Q: Why doesn't my insurance cover all costs for my dental treatment?

A: Dental insurance isn't really insurance (a payment to cover the cost of a loss) at all. It is actually a money benefit typically provided by an employer to help their employees pay for routine dental treatment. The employer usually buys a plan based on the amount of the benefit and how much the premium costs per month. Most benefit plans are only designed to cover a portion of the total cost.

Q: My plan says that my exams and certain other procedures are covered 100%. Are they?

A: That 100% is usually what the insurance carrier "allows" as payment toward the procedure, not what your dentist or any other dentist in your area may actually charge.

Q: I received an "Explanation of Benefits" from my insurance carrier that says my dental bill exceeded the "usual and customary". Does this mean that my dentist is charging more than he/she should?

A: Remember that what insurance carriers call "usual and customary" is really just what your employer and the insurance company have negotiated as the amount that will be "allowed" as payment toward your treatment. It is usually always less or even much less than what any dentist in your area might actually charge for a dental procedure. It does not mean that your dentist is charging too much.

If you have questions regarding your dental benefits, please feel free to give our office a call, or ask when we see you for your next appointment. We are here to help.